About CADskills

We were created to create CADCAM PSI

About CADskills

CADskills designs and manufactures state of the art custom made solutions for your patient. We trust in our existing innovative concepts that are created and perfected by experts in their field. The state of the art implants are biofunctionalized.

Also, our CADskills team offers support to the development of an idea and implementation of an R&D strategy. We help you taking care of your intellectual property by writing and filing patents and we help with finding funding for research.

We were created to create CADCAM PSI

After communicating with the surgeon, we design, structurally analyze, manufacture and biofunctionalize the implant for an optimal clinical result.

Today, CADskills manages nearly all tasks in-house with a dynamic and enthusiastic team.

In 2018 the portfolio expanded with patient-specific concepts for orthopaedic surgery, in cooperation with influential surgeons in the field of hand, shoulder and elbow surgery. CADskills is always looking for new opportunities, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Also, basic and translational research and development make up a great part of our activities. In this way CADskills is always revolutionizing, inspired by both surgeons and engineers.

CADskills is expanding its distribution network inside Europe.
We are looking for companies who are as passionate as we are about using state-of-the-art technology to help surgeons and patients.
Do you have already an existing network of CMF / MaxFac/ OMF / Neuro surgeons? Feel free to contact our team of specialists.

Our team
The team behind the vision
Alexander Lippens
Design & Production Support
Benoit de Smet
Product Manager (AMSJI)
Niels Festjens
Senior quality and regulatory advisor
Ruben Van de Sande
Production Manager
Alex Puis
Production Support
Stijn Huys
R&D Officer - Quality Manager
Maurits Mommaerts
Design & Production Support and Prevention Advisor
Olivier Schottey
Junior R&D Officer
  • Medical consultancy

    Prof. L. De Wilde (shoulder)

    Dr J. Duerinckx (hand & wrist)

    Prof. M.Y. Mommaerts (CMF)

    Prof. Em. I. Naert (prostho)

    Dr. G. Van den Bogaert (knee)

    Prof. A. Van Tongel (elbow)

    Dr. F. Verstreken (hand & wrist)

    Dr. Ph. Winnock de Grave (knee)

    Dr. A. Zarowski (ENT)


To provide the highest quality for surgeon and patient, CADskills is implementing a quality management system. We have been ISO-13485:2016 certified since 2019.