Carpitech™ (scaphoid, lunatum)

Carpitech™ (scaphoid, lunatum)

CADskills designs and 3D prints patient-specific carpal bones, that are often affected by avascular necrosis.

Other orthopaedic implants include for example the reconstruction of part of the clavicle or acromion, where all other options were lost, and patients suffer extremely.


Product specifications

The design can start by mirroring the unaffected side. A patient-specific scaphoid or lunate bone forms a far more qualitative solution than a standard implant. The carpal bones are highly polished, and channels are foreseen for ligament fixation, to avoid luxation of the bone.

Orthopaedic implants are always designed together with the surgeon, as many specific features can be taken into consideration.

Clinical case
Patient-Specific Scaphoid Replacement: A Case Report

Approximately one year ago, a 71-year-old woman consulted Dr. Verstreken. She was suffering from chronic left wrist pain, caused by avascular necrosis of the scaphoid bone. Dr. Verstreken, a dedicated hand and wrist surgeon and a strong believer in the…

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Patient-Specific Scaphoid Replacement: A Case Report

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