For patients with a perfectly healthy condition of their jawbone, holding titanium implants will not constitute any problems. Securing dentures to a jawbone of a decent size, will be a simple task. But if the jaw is in a far stage of atrophy, there is not enough qualitative bone left for a strong anchorage of implants.

Extreme atrophy of the jaw bone, in maxilla or mandible, requires an alternative solution. AMSJI®™, or "Additively Manufactured Subperiosteal Jaw Implant", presents an elegant alternative for bone grafts or quad zygoma implants, for patients with Cawood & Howell Class V to VIII bone atrophy.


Product specifications

CADskills offers a solution designed for each patient individually, starting with CT scan of the jaw and scanning prosthesis in occlusion and 3D printing to our biocompatible titanium and 3D printing temporary prosthesis.

Biofunctionalization for optimal biocompatibility and scaffolds provide secondary fixation in addition to primary screw fixation. The screws are placed in the place where the bone is of the highest quality and does not absorb, i.e. in the zygomatic support surfaces and in the frame of the piriform opening.

The generic AMSJI implant is topologically optimized according to predefined standards. Each implant undergoes an individual Finite Element Analysis to ensure the strength of AMSJI®™. This allows the posts to be removed if needed to avoid infections and peri-implantitis. The patient never ends up in a situation that is worse than before the implantation.

The operation can be performed under local anesthesia and takes less than 2 hours; This is because the AMSJI implant fits the patient's jawbone perfectly. CADskills supplies a fully equipped instrument set together with the implants. The patient returns home with a temporary functional denture and a bright smile, in one go!

After two to a maximum of four months, the temporary prosthesis is replaced by a permanent restoration. The 3D printed temporary prosthesis is too brittle to continue functioning. The permanent denture can be screwed on or removable. It is made by the restorative dentist who works together with his own dental laboratory. There is a choice between a hybrid bridge, a double construction or a Dolderbar with riders. For the titanium superstructure, the dental laboratory can call on CADskills if necessary. For this purpose, the dentist completes an order (prescription) on the CADskills website. The tooth arrangement and the polymerization or milling of the zirconium oxide always take place at the request of the dentist in the dental laboratory. CADskills does not produce dentures. An extensive manual is available under 'Guidelines, manuals, forms and publications'.


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