Facial Contouring Implants

Facial Contouring Implants

The surgeon can order an implant of any shape for any area of the face/skull. This means that a single clinical problem cannot be defined. The reasons for the necessity of facial contouring implants are varied and numerous. Our customized implants are used in orthognathic surgery, cosmetic surgery, reconstructive purposes, oncological surgery or correction of birth defects. Some examples of facial contouring implants include unilateral or bilateral maxillary angle implants, malar implants, nasal dorsum reconstructions, and genioplasty implants.

Product specifications

Facial contouring implants can be printed in titanium, or CNC milled in PEEK, depending on the surgeon’s preference. CADskills offers the option to split the implant into two parts, connected with an interlocking design such as a 3D puzzle. When considering for example jaw angles, fibrosis and a scarred buccal vestibule from multiple surgeries may prompt a surgeon to access the mandibular border through a submandibular approach. However, when choosing the transoral route, maximal interincisal mouth opening, reduced intercommissural width, and reduced lip elasticity may pose a problem when considering voluminous implants. Inserting voluminous implants may also jeopardize the mental nerve, especially when they extend below the mental foramen.

CADskills foresees 2 screw holes per segment, to prevent dislocation of the implant. Depending on the position of nerves, the location of the implant and the estimated freedom of access, screw holes are provided in the implant body or lip extensions. For jaw angles, CADskills provides holes for both the transoral and transbuccal approach, with the latter as a rescue measure.

Clinical case
Correction of Hemifacial Microsomia

CASE REPORT   This 26-year-old male was diagnosed with right-sided hemifacial microsomia Pruzansky’s Type IIb. In this case the craniomaxillofacial surgeon decided to use 2 CADskills facial implants to correct the facial asymmetry, instead…

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Correction of Hemifacial Microsomia

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