I am a surgeon

I am a surgeon

CADskills designs and manufactures state of the art custom made solutions for your patient. We trust in our existing innovative concepts that are created and perfected by experts in their field. The state of the art implants are biofunctionalised.

Also, our CADskills team offers support to the development of an idea and implementation of an R&D strategy. We help you taking care of your intellectual property by writing and filing patents and we help with finding funding for research.

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Product details
Technical specifications


To design implants, rapid prototype models can be derived from Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) data obtained from the patient’s computed tomography (CT/CBCT) scan.

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CADskills offers implants in a wide variety of high end materials.

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Surface treatments

CADskills foresees several features to increase the biocompatibility of all implants, and optimal surface properties

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