Treatment of the extremely atrophied maxilla (Cawood Howell V-VIII)

with Additively Manufactured Subperiosteal Implants

July 18 of this year @ the Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport

This workshop will teach you the concept of reversed engineered 3D printed subperiosteal implants (AMSJI) for the upper jaw to experts in zygoma fixture implantation or pre-implantological bone transplantation.

​​It includes instructions for a fully digital workflow starting from a scan prosthesis, video surgery and A-Z model surgeries for every participant.

The participants will learn about indications, advantages and disadvantages compared to zygoma implants, bone transplantation and sinus lift with endosseous implants. They will be instructed about the wax-up, the imaging, the surgical and prosthetic steps, and the aftercare.

The participants will receive a certificate that entitles them to perform the treatment without further assistance of an AMSJI experienced surgeon. They will be able to participate in a multi-center clinical study (PhD project of C. Van den Borre MD) under the guidance of Prof. Em. Ignace Naert DDS (chairman of the International Workgroup on AMSJI).

Offer your end-stage orally crippled patients same day masticatory and phonetic function with a personalized implant solution installed using local anesthesia only!

We invite both surgeons and dentists to participate.

The following dates have been booked in the Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport: July 18 of this year, in the afternoon.

The fee of €500 includes all didactic material, sandwich lunch and dinner.


12.00 Welcome with sandwich lunch

12.30 Introducing the concept

13.30 Commented video surgery 

14.30 Coffee break 

15.00 Clinical step by step procedure

15.30 Hands-on AMSJI 3D models  

17.30 Presentation International working group on AMSJI

18.00 Closing remarks 

19.00 Dinner

Please contact to apply.

Registration and participation only after the fulfillment of dues, at the latest 2 weeks before the event.