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Carpitech™ (scaphoid/lunatum replacement)

Carpitech™ (scaphoid/lunatum replacement)

Total prosthetic replacement is reserved for cases where carpal collapse and signs of wrist instability are not observed, and where proximal row resection, midcarpal arthrodesis, and wrist replacement are not indicated.

How does it work?
The process
  1. Your medical history will be discussed before the procedure. Take an up-to-date medication list is taken with you. During this consultation, your surgeon will explain the concept and discuss risks and benefits with you.

  2. The process starts with taking a CT scan.

  3. Your surgeon and CADskills will design your implant.

  4. The surgery will take place under anesthesia.

  5. Follow your surgeon's postoperative instructions, especially those related to medication.

  6. See your surgeon for scheduled follow-up visits.

The story of BD from the United Kingdom

To dr.Verstreken -  It was two years ago yesterday that I had my Scaphoid replacement surgery so I thought I would just send you a quick email for an update. Everything is still going very well and no pain in my wrist! I still work in construction…

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BD from the United Kingdom
S. from Norway
The story of S. from Norway

Hi to dr. Verstreken and to Mr. Koops! A couple of years ago I was not even able to properly lift my 1 year old daughter without serious pain in my wrist. Now, following the surgery, I am able to freely play with my daughter (who has grown…

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