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At CADskills, we believe that custom-made surgical replacements will soon become standard treatment for dysfunctional bones and joints. Our CADskills team helps clinicians design a bespoke implant based on CT or CBCT data in the DICOM format and clinical pictures of the defective anatomy. The masterpieces are in-house, computer-aided manufactured using 3D printing. CADskills uses Titanium gr23 ELI exclusively as a metal to avoid the real threat of sensitization and allergic reactions to cobalt, chromium, nickel and molybdenum, alloys of which (ASTM-F75) are most commonly used to make artificial joints.

About Cadskills
We were created to create CADCAM PSI

The company started as an idea that grew in the operation theatre from clinical needs. The surgical community requires only one service provider with a multidisciplinary team, instead of cooperating with different medical image software providers and several CNC-milling companies to achieve desired outcomes.

The first 5 years were characterized by an almost pure R&D activity, with organic sales. Various concepts were prepared for the market. From 2021, the company will focus more on international sales, but will continue to invest in the development of new concepts.

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