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If you have been wearing a dental prosthesis for a while, your jawbone shrinks due to non-physiological pressure. In that case, your dentist can decide that implant support should be created for the prosthesis. The help of your surgeon is often invoked for this. It is then possible that the standard titanium screw implants cannot be used because of extreme bone atrophy. Then an AMSJI®™ is indicated to ensure a firm anchoring to the bone.


How does it work?
The process
  1. Your medical history will be discussed before the procedure. Take an up- to-date medication list with you. During this consultation your surgeon will explain the concept and discuss risks and benefits with you.

  2. The first steps are to be taken by your dentist/prosthodontist. Standard intraoral impressions have to be taken.

  3. During the second session with your dentist, many parameters will be measured. The choice will be made between a removable or a fixed prosthesis.

  4. The third session in the dental office ends in a wax-up (scan prosthesis) that is scanned (CT scan or CBCT scan, in the office or in the hospital)

  5. The CT scan is taken with the prosthesis in place, and with the teeth in contact.

  6. With the scan data, your surgeon and CADskills will design your implant.

  7. The intervention can take place under local or general anesthaesia, depending on you and the surgeon’s preference. You can return home the same day if the procedure takes place under general anaesthesia. The operation will be done in approximately 2 hours. You will have a temporary prosthesis. Chewing liquid or soft food is necessary for another 2 months.

  8. It is important to maintain an optimal oral hygiene. Success rate depends solely on the health conditions of the gums surrounding the posts.

The story of G.

In 2017 a woman with an extremely atrophied maxilla and mandible was treated in the UZ Brussels hospital, after suffering for over 4 years with removable prostheses. An AMSJI (Additively Manufactured Subperiosteal Jaw Implant) was designed and manufactured…

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