Full facial skeleton 3D printed

Full facial skeleton  3D printed

Dr. MARGARET Ndung'u-Mwasha and Prof. Symon Guthua from the University of Nairobi, Kenya have placed an order for a comprehensive case of polyostotic fibrous dysplasia. This intricate project includes a fully #3Dprinted maxillofacial complex, utilizing our advanced expertise in #AMSJI, #TMJ Parametro, #facial_contour and #orbital_floor implants.
A significant amount of effort, totaling 209 hours of research, has been dedicated to ensuring the success of this project. Our research has focused on critical aspects such as jaw stability, mandibular and eyeball movements, chewing function, weight management, mechanical forces, surgical access, and maintenance. Special emphasis has been placed on identifying potential complications and developing strategies to prevent and address them.
Engineering work by Ir. Hendrik Koops & Ir. Vincent Nevelsteen, medical advice by prof Maurice Mommaerts, prof Symon Guthua, dr Casper Van den Borre & prof Giacomo De Riu, FEA by Daniel Dadjam DMD, prosthodontic advice by dr. Maggie Ndung'u-Mwasha and Jozef Ludovic Beckers and coordination of operations by Mario Bundo.
Given the high cost associated with such an advanced and customized solution, sponsorship becomes necessary to meet national standards. If you are interested in supporting this case, please contact us at secretariat@psirti.eu for donation information. The list of donors will be audited by a notary and publicly or privately presented, according to the wishes of the donors.

The models do not represent the final implant shape, size and features (black box).