4 or 6 connections on AMSJI?

4 or 6 connections on AMSJI?

We often get the question: why does AMSJI have 6 connections and not 4?

Some subperiosteals claim zero infectious complications! The truth is that no alloplast in an open, hostile environment will never be threatened by it. Predisposing factors are: plaque buildup, smoking, thin biotype and low mucogingival border/vestibule. But also: artifacts in the CT scan resulting in incorrect segmentation and, as a result, a local void under the AMSJI frame.

In this particular case, the void was due to the loss of a root-shaped implant in a xenograft sinus floor lift and the resulting infection and bone resorption below the AMSJI frame. AMSJI 2 years in use. 

Treatment: Section of the buccal and palatal bifurcation (patented solution in June 2015) and removal of the infected connection using a tungsten carbide bur. 

The patient left the procedure with her dual structure prosthesis functioning on 5 connections instead of 6. Imagine what happens when there is no basal loop frame, no secondary osteointegration and only 4 connections….

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