Clinical case

Repair of skull defect by CeTi

Repair of skull defect by CeTi


This patient receiving a Ceramic-Titanium (CeTi) cranioplasty had a history of a subarachnoid hemorrhage F4W1, caused by rupture of a right middle cerebral artery aneurysm that was clipped earlier. Explantation of the “bone flap” was necessary due to post-operative infection. After eradication of the infection, repair of the resulting skull defect was desired by the 51-year old patient. 

The treating surgeon suggested the CeTi as an ideal alloplastic option, because of the specific advantages of this Ceramics and Titanium combination and the alleged allergy to “polymers”.

During surgery, the perfect fit of the CeTi allowed efficient placement of the implant. 

After screw fixation, injectable Hydroxy Apatite Bone Substitute was applied on the scaffold and bone touching sides of the implant, increasing the chances of full osteointegration.

The thin plate creates extra space for brain expansion and allows impact absorption by deformation. This results in minimal risk of skull fractures.